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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  March 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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just minutes away, all this >> local, live, breaking. this is wesh 2 news at noon in high definition. >> orange county deputies are investigating a shooting. chopper 2 flew over the scene and wesh 2 was there as the victim was loaded into an ambulance. it is not clear if anyone has been arrested just yet but stay with wesh 2 and look for updates. new at noon, orlando police are looking for more victims, after a human trafficking bust. good afternoon, i' m michelle imperato. jazmin: and i'
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slavery in a news conference this morning. wesh 2' s matt grant is live. matt they used strong language , about this arrest. matt: they did. strong language like calling ms. akin to modern day slavery. agents say they are calling back -- fighting back against human trafficking which they say is a problem in florida. they accused a man of prostituting at least two high school girls aged 16 and 18. agents say he met the girls other and manipulated them into prostitution. in some cases he used physical force to get them to comply. and one case, he drugged one of the girls and had sex with her was unconscious and took pictures of her.
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sex acts at a hotel. they told a school resource officer what happened when law enforcement officers were contacted. there could be other teenagers who are victims. >> yes, we believe we have a problem with human and sex trafficking in central florida but we are out front to do something about that. matt: he is jersey with human trafficking of a child, each carries a light said -- life sentence. he is also charged with possession of child pornography. agents are releasing a phone number if you believe you were the victim of human trafficking. 373-8888. >> ted cruz supporters in orlando heard from their favorite candidate this morning. he took part in a town hall at off curry ford road.
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s joined by former candidate there. what is happening? hello. we are here inside the ted cruz town hall event that is happening, and which former candidate carly fiorina has just shown up in the last couple of minutes. faith assembly church, about 1200 people on hand for this town hall that is taped for later broadcast. has been talking about standard themes, eliminating the department of education, 25 programs within the government, and earlier he bashed donald trump for having very little grasp of how government
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day does not understand where growth comes from because he has said a system better than he does. and he may well be right because donald is the system, he is washington. notice his perspective is government is the answer to everything, whatever the problem is, we need more government. for every issue he does not agree with obama and hillary, he good enough job. he will negotiate a better deal. here' s the key -- if you want that never come out of his mouth, small business. greg: we are back live faith assembly church on curry ford road in orlando, ted cruz joined by carly fiorina who mid-february. some have been talking about her
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mate for ted cruz. she brings a lot of business strategy to this campaign and we will be hoping to talk to them about that. live in orange county, greg fox. >> with an extra half a million motorcycles in town, we' ve seen a few serious crashes today. overnight, major roads were closed in winter park, and in daytona beach while troopers investigated. the first happened around 1:00, when a biker slammed into the back of a semi on i-4 near lee road. that rider was thrown from his bike and killed. fhp identified that victim as 37-year-old brandon lawless. this was the scene about half an hour later in daytona beach. officers say a car slammed into a bike, and dragged that rider about 75 feet before both burst the car and the bike burst -- flames. this happened on nova road. the driver of the car had minor the biker, who is from south carolina, was flown to orlando with serious burns. charges are pending. >> today, police want to know
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tracks in volusia county, when they were hit and killed by a train. wesh 2' s alex villarreal talked to officers in holly hill. >> unfortunately, it was a fatality and it appears to be it was very quick. alex: holly hill police say it was just after 8:00 this morning when this freight train plowed into a person just south of 6th street. >> there' s no way at this point that i can make an assumption on why this person was on the tracks, but we will be looking into that obviously. at this time we have very limited information. we don' t even know if it was a male or female at this point. alex: the accident stunned those who work around the tracks, and saw the train stopped in its tracks. >> it' s actually been several years since we' ve had a fatality with a pedestrian versus a train, and obviously a train' s going to win that battle every time. alex: the incident blocked roads in both holly hill and daytona beach for hours.
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t want to walk on or near the tracks. if you are crossing, you want to cross at a normal marked crossing. alex: in holly hill, alex villarreal, wesh 2 news. >> we started off a little cloudy this morning but warm, and it is getting hotter from here. >> amy sweezey is outside. amy: right now we are in the lower 80' s already and parts of central florida and climbing quickly this morning. 81 in orlando, 80 in daytona beach, and 77 in ocala. or is some sunshine breaking through the clouds and that is going to continue. there is a bit of a breeze, 10 to 15 miles per hour coming in out of the southeast, so that is warm air and that will help our temperatures climb. we are not done climbing yet. we will keep climbing until we
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the coast will climb another degree or two but it will stop because of the breeze coming in off the ocean. for the weekend, there is some rain in our forecast. i will tell you all about the timing of that when i come back inside in just a few minutes. >> investigators say they found thousands of dollars in drugs and cash inside a marion county home. 25-year-old glenn prahach was arrested at his house on silver spring shores drive yesterday. deputies say they received a tip that he was trafficking drugs out his home. they found marijuana, oxycodone and cocaine in the house along with $65,000 in cash. charges. new at noon, a daytona beach man s arm so hard that it broke. police say 21-year-old keondre chisholm told them the baby, who is less than nine months old, fell off a bed wednesday. but doctors say the spiral fracture he suffered could only have come from the arm being twisted.
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child abuse. >> in less than two hours former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest in california. >> the funeral service will be taking place at the reagan as jinah kim reports, hundreds of people from stars to politicians will pay their respects. >> for two days, thousands paid their respects to the iconic first lady as she lay in repose inside the ronald reagan presidential library. today, hundreds of dignitaries, celebrities, and political elite will attend her private funeral. roslyn carter, hillary clinton, barbara bush, and michelle obama will be paying their respects. >> mrs. reagan was an incredible woman of strength and grace and an important advocate for so many issues. >> she was 94 years old
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at 94 he -- at her home in california. she was known for a lot of things -- style, grace, as a fierce defender of her husband, for her just say no campaign, or s, for being a mother to two children and two steps children. >> she told me she was not afraid to die but she did not want to hurt. >> the service will feature patriotic music, rival verses, and tributes both loving and humorous. she will be laid to rest next to her husband. >> happening today, expect big crowds at new restaurant on i-drive. model and instagram star kylie jenner will help open the sugar
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the event for the new restaurant jenner will walk the red carpet later this evening. the grand opening is free to attend. >> a coach gets fired at ucf. >> what the school has to say and what the next move is. california warehouse. it out. ted: we are talking about i-4 of construction, you could be coming to two left lanes blocked at 436 and lakeland boulevard sunday through friday night through march 31 from 8:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.
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happening on if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work
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almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. >> you're watching wesh 2 news. >> this afternoon, ucf has begun the search for a new head basketball coach. the school fired coach donnie jones last night. in six years, jones won 88 games and lost 100. that included last night' s loss in the first round of the aac tournament at the amway center. analysts said jones could saved his job if the knights won this tourney, and advanced to the ncaa tournament. instead, they lost to the worst
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ucf athletic director danny white said in a statement, "our athletics department, university and community expect our men' s basketball program to compete for american athletic conference titles and make regular postseason appearances, and unfortunately, we have not reached these expectations." white says the school will move quickly to find a new coach who will bring championships to ucf. new information about a woman who claimed to be the victim of a violent robbery. she' s now facing charges herself. >> he has a gun to my head. so he told me, give me your purse. give me your purse. he started cursing, so i said no. >> deputies say that story she told us last week was a lie. magalys mejia said armed robbers pointed a gun at her and her two-year-old, but volusia county deputies say she was actually involved in a drug deal with those men. >> she arranged the drug deal, she used her cell phone to facilitate the drug deal and in
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, two-year-old child in a very dangerous situation. >> she' s now being held on $20,000 bond. >> a florida teenager is now in jail in connection with the shooting death of a toddler. police in jacksonville say 16-year-old henry hayes was involved in a gang shooting in january that killed 22-month-old aiden mcclendon. aiden' s family says they forgive him but feel he should still be punished. >> we' ve already forgiven whoever did it. we cannot go around and just the hating them as much as we want , to hate them. i was not raised like that and i did not raise her like that. >> hayes is the fourth person to be arrested in the case. detectives believe the shooting was the result of a gang rivalry. new information this noon about the 13 bald eagles that were recently found dead in maryland. investigators now believe
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the dead birds were discovered last month on a farm in federalsburg. a $25,000 reward is being offered for information in the case. off the endangered species list in 2007, bald eagles are protected under the bald and golden eagle protection act. >> a typo is now being blamed for preventing a massive bank heist from being worse. hackers were still able to get away with about $80 million. investigators say they were able to get into the bank' s systems to transfer money. but one of the larger transfers didn' t go through because the robbers misspelled one of the organization' s names. this tipped off bank officials to shut down nearly $800 million in other transfers. no arrests have been made. >> this noon, firefighters are this massive fire at a warehouse in california. more than 100 firefighters battled the blaze last night. the huge fire sent a plume of smoke into the night sky that could be seen as far away as the san fernando valley. the 70,000 square foot building
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no one was hurt. parts of brazil just got hit with a round of severe weather. thirteen people were killed in different cities in the suburbs of sao paulo state following rainfall and flooding. some of those people died in a landslide. rescue crews say some people are still missing. turning to our local forecast, amy, we have a soccer game tonight and people want to wear their purple jerseys without having to cover them up with a jacket. amy: you will not even need a purple sweatshirt, it is just that warm. by the time we get to kick off at 7:00 p.m. at the citrus bowl, temperatures will be falling to the 70' s but it is going to be a really nice evening. a couple of clouds and some win d but not bad at all. the cloud cover is rolling through the area.
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through the clouds but you can see as it rolls through we will be partly sunny for the afternoon. he see that swirling going on over texas? that is quite a storm and south texas that is wrapping all of this moisture up and there has been days of rain on the gulf coast. the same ridge of pressure bringing us the warm weather has been keeping this rain for moving our way. however, as we get into the weekend ridge of high pressure will start to break down and we are going to start seeing more moisture heading our way, leading to scattered showers and a few storms on sunday. 80 injured tuna beach and sanford, 81 in orlando -- 80 in daytona beach and sanford, 81 in orlando. the wind coming in out of the southeast bringing in the warm air.
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10 to 15 throughout the afternoon, that will continue to be the case and that will bring in the warm air, meeting our temperatures will make it a few degrees warmer into the 80' s for our inland spots. 85 in ocala and sanford yesterday. if you are still heading out to the beach this afternoon, maybe you are watching us from the beach, keep in mind the rip currents are strong all the way through about 3:00 this afternoon. make sure you swim there a lifeguard or with a friend. daytona beach bike week is underway for the last week, still a little breezy today and tomorrow and sunday there is a storms. tomorrow morning we have the track shack race going on in winter park. mid 60' s at 7:30 and the morning and when the kids run begins at
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we are talking mid 80' s, and on sunday, that is when we will see some showers and storms. it will not be all-day rain but we will not have a lot of sun on sunday, we will have a lot of clouds. they will push off the east coast as we had through the evening. >> a minnesota couple is upset with what it calls is racially insensitive decor on display at a national chain restaurant. >> the couple was inside a joe' s crab shack in minnesota. this is the photo that upset them. it shows a large group of white people watching a public execution of at least one black person. on the bottom of the picture, it reads, hanging at groesbeck, texas on april 12, 1895. at the top, the caption reads, t like the gumbo. >> we just felt sick and confused and it was just , sickening. it was disgusting. >> the restaurant manager
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said he wasn' t aware it existed. this afternoon investigators are , working to figure out if a piece of debris is from missing malaysia flight 370. this three-foot long piece of debris washed ashore off the coast of mozambique back in december. t reported for a couple months and will now be sent to australia for examination. another piece of wreckage was found floating off the coast of thailand earlier this year. the plane disappeared back in 2014 with all 239 people on board. >> this weekend we' re springing forward. >> daylight saving time means turning the clocks ahead one hour before you go to sleep on saturday night. but losing an hour of sleep will certainly lead to quite a few grumpy people on sunday morning. as we get used to waking up an hour earlier next week experts , say this should be a wake up call to make sleep a bigger priority. lack of sleep can make you more likely to catch viruses and even increase your risk of certain cancers. most sleep experts recommend adults get seven to nine hours
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night. >> a lot of people are going to be groggy at sunday school. hundreds of people take part in a rubber chicken toss contest hoping to break a world record. ,>> find out if they reached
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at noon. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work
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almost all new income my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i approve this message because together, we can make and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> funeral services for firmer begin at a couple hours. she will be laid to rest next to her husband on the grounds of library. people are already there and we will have continuing coverage of the funeral from california. >> more delays are expected as part of the i-4 ultimate project on wesh 2 news at 4:00. >> rubber chickens flew through the michigan sky. >> people were trying to break a record for the largest rubber chicken toss. the feathered flop happened at last-fest in grand nation' festival of laughter. even though they had a lot of fun, they were about 261 record.
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holds the world record of chucking 999 chickens. >> where do you even get this idea? >> and you laugh. i do not want to talk badly. >> we are happy we are not in michigan right now. amy: it is a little cold for those chickens but we are talking 86 and central florida.
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